The 2023 Trilateral Presidents’ Meeting of UNA-China, UNA-Japan and UN-ROK Successfully Held

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On August 22, 2023, UNA-China held the Trilateral Presidents’ Meeting of UNA-China, UNA-Japan and UNA-ROK in Beijing, which discussed “Reform and Improvement of the Global Governance System”, “UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development”, and “Diversity of Civilizations”. Participants included Mr. WANG Chao, President of UNA-China, Ms. HU Wenli, Vice-President and Director-General of UNA-China, Amb. AKASHI Yasushi, Vice-President of UNA-Japan, Prof. HASEGAWA Sukehiro, Board Member of UNA-Japan, Ms. IKEGAMI Kiyoko, Board Member of UNA-Japan, Dr. KWAAK Younghoon, President of UNA-ROK, Amb. SHIN Boonam, Vice President of UNA-ROK, Amb. SON Sunghwan, Vice President of UNA-ROK, and Prof. PARK Heungsoon, Vice President of UNA-ROK. Prof. SUN Jisheng, Vice President of China Foreign Affairs University, Dr. ZHOU Taidong, Vice President of the Center for International Knowledge on Development, and Dr. XUE Lei, Research Fellow of Institute for World Economy Studies at Shanghai Institutes for International Studies were invited to deliver keynote speeches respectively on the three topics.

Participants shared views that facing various complex and serious global challenges, all countries should adhere to the purposes and principles of the United Nations Charter, support the UN in playing a greater role in international affairs, and promote the reform and improvement of the global governance system. The timetable for the 2030 Agenda is more than halfway, but the implementation is far behind. All countries should make efforts to achieve SDGs as scheduled. All kinds of civilizations ought to co-exist in harmony, and all countries should develop the best of civilizations and discard the dross.

After the trilateral meeting, UNA-China, UNA-Japan and UNA-ROK held bilateral meetings respectively.

The Trilateral Presidents’ Meeting of UNA-China, UNA-Japan and UNA-ROK was launched in 2010 and has been held in the three countries annually in rotation. The meeting has become an important mechanism for the three UNAs to exchange views on UN issues. Next year, the event will be hosted by UNA-ROK.
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