Vice-President Ms. HU Wenli attended the "Shared Vision-2022" Beijing International Forum on UN Peacekeeping Operations

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On Aug 25, Ms. HU Wenli, Vice-President and Director-General of the United Nations Association of China, attended the “Shared Vision-2022” Beijing International Forum on UN Peacekeeping Operations and delivered a keynote speech .

Ms. HU Wenli said in her speech that the world now is faced with more challenges and uncertainties. Peacekeeping operations face a more complex and dangerous environment and challenges. The increasingly diversified and complicated missions often make peacekeeping operations fall into the dilemma of too long fronts and insufficient resources. The COVID-19 pandemic and existing threats such as regional hotspot issues, ethnic conflicts, and terrorism affect and exacerbate each other. In this context, the implementation of peacekeeping operations has become particularly arduous. Moreover, the deteriorating security environment has greatly endangered the safety of peacekeepers. The rampant unilateralism and hegemonism has made it more difficult for international community to build consensus and coordinate resources in peacekeeping operations, and even severely restricting the effective implementation of peacekeeping operations. The purposes and principles of the UN Charter should always be the foundation of peacekeeping. Promoting political settlement should remain the core of peacekeeping operations. Ensuring the safety of peacekeepers should always be a priority. Building a stronger partnership to back peacekeeping operations is more urgent than ever, and achieving sustainable development should be the ultimate goal of peacekeeping operations. As a permanent member of the Security Council, China is the main troop contributor and the second largest assessment contributor to peacekeeping operations. It is a staunch supporter and an important participant in UN peacekeeping operations. We believe that China will, as always, take concrete actions to fulfill its commitment to true multilateralism and, together with the international community, make greater contributions to UN peacekeeping operations and international peace and security.

The forum was held by the peacekeeping affairs center of the Ministry of National Defense. Participants included representatives from France, Germany, Brazil, the Republic of Korea, Pakistan and other countries, officials from the United Nations, the African Union and other international organizations, as well as experts and scholars from relevant research institutions.
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